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To comply with the requirement's of the East Staffordshire Borough Council, we require a completed Risk Assessment for any Stalls booked.  Please forward your Risk Assessment to attractions@burtonregatta.co.uk.  You may download our blank Risk Assessment form as a pdf document here



(a) All applications for trade stand sites must be made by completing an application form which must be signed by the Exhibitor and returned to the Burton Amateur Regatta Association (hereinafter referred to as "the Association"), such a signature being an acceptance of the Association's Regulations.
(b) No site will be reserved until the Association has received the completed application form and full payment.
(c) The Association reserves the right to refuse any application. Furthermore, the Association also reserves the right to cancel any application which may have been previously accepted without any reason being given for such cancellation.
(d) The allocation of sites and the positioning of trade stands will be entirely at the discretion of the Association although every endeavour will be made to meet any request by an Exhibitor regarding the position of their stand. Site locations will be advised on arrival on site.
(e) We do not offer exclusivity for any product or service. Accordingly, we do not undertake to limit the number of stands selling similar or identical products or service. Furthermore, we do not guarantee a minimum separation between stands selling such products or services.
(f) The selling of goods by auction, shouting or use of loudspeakers is forbidden, as is the selling of articles likely to cause offence.


In accordance with Health and Safety Legislation all Exhibitors are required to undertake a risk assessment of their stand. Accordingly, a risk assessment section is included in the trade stand application form. Failure to complete this section of the form will result in the application being rejected.


All Exhibiters will be required to provide Public Liability insurance providing a minimum cover of £ 2,000,000 (Two Million Pounds) to cover all activities and services associated with their stand.


Open Ground Space only is let - Exhibitors are to make their own arrangements for any structures or equipment required on their stand i.e. marquees, shell systems, tables chairs etc.


(a) The area applied for must include ALL GROUND NECESSARY FOR THE ERECTION OF GUY ROPES AND STAYS which under no circumstances will be allowed to project beyond the Exhibitor's allocated area.
(b) No Exhibitor shall sub-let any portion of the space allotted to them.
(c) Any Exhibitor found to have moved their stand without permission from the Regatta shall be removed from the site.
(d) Exhibitors must be aware that the event takes place on the Regatta Meadows that are located within the River Trent Washlands and as such the ground surface is subject to natural deviations. Accordingly, the Association cannot accept responsibility for levelling or otherwise making good any ground space which may be uneven either through natural or other conditions.


Stands are to be set up between 09.00 and 10.30 each day, and may be taken down after 17.00 each day.


No vehicle shall be driven at speeds in excess of 10 miles per hour anywhere on the site.
Vehicles conveying goods to stands will be admitted to the site until 10.30am on each morning, thereafter the Site will be closed until 17.30pm. All vehicles must be removed from the site between the hours of 11.00 am and 5.00pm, and parked in the adjoining car park.
Vehicles that are not conveying goods to stands are required to park in the adjoining car park.


If for any reason whatsoever a trade stand is cancelled by an Exhibitor this will result in forfeit of the total amount of fees paid. Moreover, the Association reserves the right in all such instances to re-let the space. The Association reserves the sole right of decision to postpone, cancel, abandon or curtail the event. Where such decision arises from directive, happenings or circumstances outside the control of the Regatta, it shall not create liability to claim for loss or damage, nor for the refund of any fees or charges paid.


Any Exhibitor wishing to use musical or live entertainment, such as a Band, as part of their stand are to seek the Regatta's written permission at the time of application. No Exhibitor shall be permitted to use audio equipment including pre-recorded music as a sales aid or attraction without the written permission of the Regatta. All licensing requirements including, but not limited to, PRS and PPL licenses are the responsibility of the exhibitor and the Association shall accept no liability in respect of licensing requirements.


(a) Any damage to the ground on which a trade stand is sited must be reinstated within 7 days of the event. Failure to undertake such reinstatement will result in the Association arranging for the necessary work to be carried out with any costs being recharged to the Exhibitor.
(b) Exhibitors are required to clear litter from their stands and the portions of the avenues and walkways immediately adjacent to their stands each evening. Exhibitors are required to remove any litter or other waste from their stand and deposit it in the rubbish skips provided at the end of the event.

(c) Any abandoned objects or equipment or excessive quantities of rubbish remaining on an Exhibitors stand at the end of the event shall be disposed of by the Association and any costs incurred in doing so may be recharged to the Exhibitor.


All exhibits or other articles and equipment remain on the site at the sole risk of exhibitor. The Association shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any equipment whilst on the site either during the trading hours of the event, or prior to commencement of or after the end of the event. The Association shall also not be responsible for loss of or damage to any equipment that is left on the site through the night between the Saturday and Sunday events.


Exhibitors may supply refreshments free of charge to their customers. However, under no circumstances will they or anyone else on their stand be permitted to sell or receive money for refreshments without prior permission being given by the Association. Any proposal to sell refreshments must be advised with the application for the site booking. The Association may require details of Food Hygiene qualifications and specific insurances that are in place covering such activities.


The sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited.


The Regatta allows generators to be used providing they are moderately sized and do not reach a noise level whereby they become a nuisance to the Association, adjacent Exhibitors or members of the public. The Association will stop the use of any such equipment if, in their opinion, it is causing a nuisance to others or is in a dangerous condition. Moreover, such equipment must be sited within the area of the Exhibitor's stand and must comply with Health and Safety Regulations.


The Association, its Officers and Servants shall not be responsible to any person whatsoever whilst upon, entering on, or leaving the site for any damage or loss, howsoever caused, to the property of such persons; or for any injury fatal or otherwise to any such person. The Association, its Officers and Servants shall not be responsible for any injury, damage or loss, howsoever caused, to any Exhibitor or their employee, or to any article or property brought on to the site whilst upon entering on, or leaving or being carried into, on or out of the site. The Exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may be done to or occasioned by, or arising from any article or property exhibited or brought on to the site by him/her and he/she shall indemnify and hold harmless the Regatta from all action, suits, expenses and claims on account of or in respect of any such damage, or injury which may be so caused or occasioned.


No exhibitor or other persons shall affix any placard, banner or other advertisement to any part of the site including the perimeter fencing, car parks or internal walls of any building or other structure except on the stand for which they have paid, without prior permission being given by the Association. Exhibitors may only distribute literature or other promotional items within the perimeter of their stand.

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